Windows Phone Development

Longtime users of the Microsoft Windows OS have a familiar-feeling smartphone in the Windows Phone. With native apps such as the Office suite, Outlook, and Internet Explorer, users can easily synch their Windows Phone with their other Windows OS devices. Our experience in developing for Windows, using Visual Studio and .NET, uniquely qualifies us to develop custom apps and systems for your Windows Phone needs.

Our engineers and designers are accomplished in Windows development environments, and in the technologies that they enable: touch screen, push e-mail, 3G mobile networks, GPS and navigation, Bluetooth, photography, and Wi-Fi. We have embraced also the Windows Phone design aesthetic, the Live Tiles on the home screen that connect to the phone’s features and functions, and automatically update in real time.

Windows Phone Development
System Experience

1We leverage experience in Microsoft .NET technology, providing a competitive edge in mobile, localized, and user-centric apps that the Windows Phone enables.

In this, as in all our services, you benefit also from our accomplishments on other platforms, such as the iPhone and BlackBerry.

Social Media

2With integrated Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media, the Windows Phone provides developers an opportunity to extend brands through those channels.

Our success in developing apps and systems for social media ensures that your brand will be present where your customers are.

Design & Service

3Our design and engineering expertise can leverage the technological possibilities of the Windows Phone to meet your exacting requirements.

We animate the technologies—touch screen, business intelligence, GPS—to bring you the precise functions and services that drive your business forward.

Tight Integration

4For organizations that need to remain within the Windows universe, the Windows Phone is the smart-mobile device of choice.

See how we can work with you to realize the innovation you need within the operating system you call home.