Web Development

End-to-end technology and infrastructure. Your interactive, reliable, and secure enterprise.

Briefing Strategy

Whatever your web development needs, we have the expertise and technology to realize them. We create sites for traditional and touch screens, for adaptive and emerging devices, and can integrate the some of the most complex back-end databases, and management tools such as CMS, to simplify editing.

We begin with comprehensive briefings, identifying your needs, your budget, and your goals. With you, we determine the expectations of your customers and internal stakeholders, the sites and web models you admire, and the features you want to incorporate.

We exhaustively explore your vision for your site, and prepare a path to realize and exceed that vision. We determine a development schedule, metrics to evaluate the site’s success, how to keep your content current, the technologies best suited to your requirements, and a long-term strategy for your site’s ongoing development.

Vimar asked us to develop the new version of the product configurator, Fai il Punto. Thanks to HTML5 and complex JS development, we engineered the new website so that it can be viewed at all resolutions on every PC, Mac or Mobile Device, including support for a wide range of Browsers .Visit Fai il Punto now

Design Approach

Our approach to design concentrates on front-end usability and back-end functionality. Our designers maintain the highest standards of usability, so your users will find your site visually appealing, intuitive, and meeting their expectations.

Behind the screen, our designers incorporate robust reliability, iron-clad security, and the fullest range of functionality you require. Your site will load fast, thanks to exhaustive image optimizations, respond fast, and deliver the content only you can provide. Your customers’ experience will ensure their frequent return.

Technology Involved

Our expertise in Web design extends to all the most powerful hardware and software technologies. From advanced touch-screen interfaces to custom-developed business intelligence systems, our designers and engineers have the skills to realize your plans.

Your business needs drive the technologies we use—HTML5, Java, CSS3, Python, Perl, PHP, and the rest. Our developers understand the purpose and strengths of each, and apply those strengths where they will add the most value to your enterprise.

Code Optimization

Your customers demand a world-class experience when they visit your site, and you need a site that enables unexcelled service. So you need a development team that can deliver the leanest, fasted-loading pages possible, and a site that anticipates your customers’ desires.

Our developers are that team. With long experience in web development, and continuously upgrading their skills, they optimize your code not only for usability, but for high seach-engine ranking and business intelligence as well.

Marketing Campaign

To ensure that your site performs as you expect, we can include a targeted marketing campaign that will optimize your site for Google, Bing, and other search engines of your choice.

We have proven methods to drive more visitors to your site (and to targeted areas of your site), connect to the demographic of your choice, reach your potential customers through social media, and attract natural links. We deliver the ROI you deserve.