Software Process Management

Our process management system enables an unexcelled participation by clients in project management, resulting in higher satisfaction and faster development cycles.

Process Management facilitated transparently through Next

Our software process management offers you unprecedented access to the development environment. This innovation, known as Next, speeds development cycles, lowers costs, and results in greater customer satisfaction. From the gathering of requirements to final release testing, your immediate input becomes an integral part of process management.

With your Next ID, you gain access to the coding environment. This tight integration with the development process enables you to help eliminate uncertainties, define details, and guide our engineers to more perfectly realize your business goals. Real-time interaction with the development environment keeps you ahead of the competition.

Next eliminates the inefficiencies and missed opportunities of traditional software engineering processes. Functional details, and design details such as colors and textures, are incorporated correctly, early in the development process. You have the opportunity to evaluate your functional and design ideas as they become evident in the project. It is the next generation of process management.

Dashboard screenshot of our Management Application.