Software Development

Complete software engineering solutions, from consulting to infrastructure, all delivered with extreme reliability and security.

Precision is not a quality possessed by many

We tailor the most advanced technologies to your enterprise’s strategic goals. Simply put, our software development department creates the tools for your business success. We partner with your IT management to identify your goals and blaze the paths to them. Our expertise and computing power add value to every aspect of your business.

Our consultants understand how to integrate specific software systems to gain your greatest competitive advantage. Whether those systems report to Mainframes, Data centers, Desktops, or Mobile devices anywhere on earth, our secure and robust processes for developing, testing, and deploying them continually
hone your competitive edge.

From the initial consultations to the testing and deployment of your applications, we ensure practically the highest reliability and security of service commercially available. We manage all policies, equipment, and data for your overall effectiveness and business agility. All services are fully tested to specifications, standards, and functionality to prevent defects and unexpected errors.

Enterprise Clients like SKY, rely on our experience to build unrivaled software engineering precision.

Infrastructure Management

The reliability and security of your business applications depend on sound infrastructure management. Our enterprise customers rely on us to maintain, analyze, and develop their fundamental systems, networks, and storage.

As your partner, we are passionate about designing and maintaining this crucial foundation to your business success. Few realize the impact that investments in infrastructure can have on an organization’s revenue. We do, however, and work with you to ensure that these supporting systems work flawlessly together to deliver the information you need to succeed.

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IT Strategy Consulting

Our IT Strategy Consultants will help you develop your IT services in ways that parallel your organization’s goals and stakeholder requirements. As your Strategic Partner, we work with you to understand your needs, and build you an IT infrastructure that grows with your business.

Our consultants work with you, helping you to realize the purpose and scope of your business in the datacenter environment.

We provide all the practical guidance and analytical tools necessary to assess and manage your IT resources. All you need to do is log on.

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Mobile App Development

We develop all major technologies—from basic telephony and e-mail, to touch-screens and GPS—for all four major platforms.

Consult with us to see how you can grow your business in this rapidly growing market.

We have the expertise and infrastructure you need, whether your platform is Android, BlackBerry, iOS, or Windows.

Our development cycles are rapid and reliable, producing the apps you need for commerce and productivity.

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Software Engineering

Our custom-engineering software model allows us to precisely tailor solutions to your business challenges. We routinely develop complex applications that run on Linux, Windows and SunOS. Enterprise clients such as SKY rely on us for applications that automate the SkySports channels data visualization.

Let us consult with you and show you how our custom software engineering can speed your business processes, expand your reach in the market, and keep you ahead of the competition.

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Process Management

Our project management system, Next, can optimize software development by as much as 80 percent. It allows our clients day-to-day access to the software development process—reviewing testing data, evaluating progress, and guiding many development details in a way not possible elsewhere.

Next empowers you as partner, and ensures that your business goals are reflected at every level. From project planning to full deployment, your priorities permeate your applications.

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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is integral to every step of every one of our software development cycles. From requirements gathering to release testing for functionality and usability, we relentlessly remove the opportunities for defects to occur.

The software that provides your services incorporates some of the highest QA standards in the industry.
Our reputation depends on reliability, and we believe that our investment QA is the basis of our standing in the industry today.

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