Hosting Platform Map

Hosting Platform

Fully managed by Blitz Networks, a division of Storm Interactive™, our hosting platform features 4,530 servers colocated in six datacenters across the globe. This allows us to provide you with unparalleled technological precision and fast, uninterrupted performance.

Advanced Hosting

Our advanced hosting solutions include Virtual Private Server, dedicated hosting on Linux or Windows, and custom environments with redundant servers and firewalls.

These options provide the power, flexibility, reliability, and security you need for high-transaction Web sites and bandwidth-intensive applications.

Cluster Hosting

Blitz Networks provides clustered hosting for the ultimate in reliability and security. From a load-balanced cluster of two or three servers to as many as your business demands, we deliver the configuration best suited to your needs.

Your customers will have fast, sure, and secure access to your content thanks to our Cisco ASA firewalls that defend your data, automated backup, and custom SAN configurations for every business need.

Content Streaming

Blitz Networks meets your temporary needs for extraordinary bandwidth with our content streaming services—affordable solutions for your traffic spikes.

Whether you are launching a new product or webcasting a major marketing event, our network has the capacity for everything from complex video presentations to micro-site deployments.

C.D.N. Solution

The servers in our six global datacenters enable us to deliver world-class CDN services. All your customers, wherever they are, will experience the same vivid web experience you created.

The speed of our CDN enables full SEO functionality for your pages, regardless of spikes in traffic. Mission-critical applications remain available regardless of maintenance or disaster issues that could affect a datacenter and its hardware.

Bandwidth Capability

Our six global datacenters have a combined 90 Gbps of bandwidth capability, ensuring that your business and Web presence will effortlessly scale when you need it to. We offer a range of connectivity plans to suit your needs, beginning with 50 Mbps (connected through a 100 Mbps uplink port), and going up to 2 Gbps (connected through two Gigabit server ports).

This configuration, and the options it allows you, ensures that your service will remain available regardless of the most unpredictable events and aggressive traffic spikes. The growth of streaming video shows that consumer thirst for high bandwidth capacity continues to rise. Our solutions make sure that you stay
ahead of the competition.

Network Uptime

Blitz Networks offers a 100 percent SLA network, ensuring that your content and communications remain available regardless of the events at any one of our datacenters.

Thanks to our use of multiple connections with multiple providers, a failed link triggers our core routers to relink the connections to other networks. You remain present and productive.

Spam Chart
Antispam and Antivirus Firewall

More than 85 percent of corporate email received is spam. In addition, mailboxes face an ever-evolving barrage of viruses, spoofing and phishing attacks, and spyware. Malicious hackers also are devising increasingly sophisticated denial-of-service attacks. To counter those threats, and ones yet to come, Blitz Networks engineers will set up a dedicated firewall appliance to defend your hosting environment against spam and viruses, ensuring that your email communications are clean, and that you receive all the email sent to you in good faith.

Our support center further maintains a dedicated spam and virus reporting system, allowing you to advise us of malicious or suspicious email and attachments. This enables our engineers to immediately update and reinforce the compromised security system, and give you the peace of mind you need to run your business.