GPS Engineering

GPS On Road Tracking

Staying ahead of the competition in manufacturing, logistics, retail, and other industries depends increasingly on knowing where every item in your value chain is at every moment. Having that intelligence, delivered through optimized real-time reports, leads to vastly more efficient transportation and warehousing systems, better service to your customers, decreased costs for fuel and other items, and, ultimately, a growing share in your market and penetration into new markets.

We are the partner who can guide and provide you as you realize these business goals. We can develop applications delivered from the cloud that match the complexity of your business. Our technology resides not only on desktops, monitoring GPS data, but also within the mobile devices as well, where it empowers your people in the field to make the decisions that make the competitive difference in your industry.

Our custom-developed solutions provide mission-critical functionality. Based on the wide range of commercially available GPS maps and data sets (from vendors such as Pepperwhite, Yahoo, Google, and NAVTEQ), we can incorporate our solutions into hardware powered by Teltonica, as well as other tracking units and in-cab devices. Tracking and managing your fleet will become more thorough and efficient than ever.

GPS for road tracking
Cloud SaaS

1We provide most of our GPS solutions as SaaS, ensuring their secure availability to you at any time wherever you are.

We can develop from scratch, or base our maps on TerraMetrics, Garmin, Yahoo, Google, and other data.

Fleet Tracking

2We can incorporate our GPS solutions directly into onboard systems, allowing you to monitor such parameters as route, fuel consumption, speed, unscheduled stops, and vehicle idling time.

This reporting allows you to optimize your fleet and its operations.

Animal Tracking

3We can also develop GPS systems for tracking animals, such as in zoos, on farms, or in the wild.

Combined with custom terrain mapping, this technology can significantly enhance your animal-management practices.

Commercial Apps

4Our GPS designers and engineers can develop location-based games, security applications, and almost any sort of tracking system you need.

Intuitive interfaces enhance our GPS technology’s usability, and our world-class infrastructure makes the technology extraordinarily powerful.