Broadcasting Industry

Broadcasting Industry

In the technologically driven broadcast and entertainment industries, we are the partner who constantly creates value on both sides of the screen.

Automation Solutions

1In our recent work for SKY (News Corporation), we conceived, designed, and engineered an integrated hardware-software system that enabled SKY's creative unit to batch-process slate images for broadcasting.

See how we can work with you to automate routine tasks, or develop systems to optimize or reduce manual workloads. Devote your workforce to higher-value operations and provide better service while reducing costs.

Our playout automation systems store video content and digital on-screen graphics for automated broadcast. We can also custom-develop systems for you that can combine stored media with video from satellite networks, electronic news gathering operations, and content from video libraries.

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Mobile Development

2Keeping your people productive in the field, and keeping your audiences tuned to your channels, depends on reaching them through their mobile devices.

We have the theoretical foundation, and deep expertise in interface technology to communicate the audio, visual, and tactile data that is the currency of the broadcast and entertainment industries. Our forward-looking and experienced designers and engineers also can develop the apps that keep your audiences keen for your media, and help you develop new markets.

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Software Development

3As the broadcast and entertainment industries increasingly rely on IT to achieve greater process efficiency and penetration into new markets, a universal view of the enterprise’s technological base and reach become critical for business success.

We partner with mid- to large-sized broadcast enterprises, such SKY News Corporation, to realize a continuous increase in the value of their technology investments. From planning to systems development and deployment, we provide unexcelled advice, infrastructure, and technical expertise.

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3D Rendering Service

43D design is the foundation on which we built our reputation, and it remains at the core of the company, where our clients realize their greatest value thanks to our ability to handle the most demanding challenges.

We can help you remotely offload internal resources, launching a rendering on our network while uploading still graphics or complex high quality VFX animations, all under your control, securely, and with the confidence that comes only through working with professional 3D designers and engineers.
Read more about our Render Farm.

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