Airline Industry

Airline Industry

Enhanced customer service, streamlined reservation and management systems, on the ground and in the air, delivered with the power of innovative platforms such as cloud computing.

Cockpits User Interfaces

1In a world where airline tickets have become a kind of commodity, airlines face unceasing pressure to lower operations costs. On the other hand, no airline can remain in business if appears to be sacrificing safety or customer service. Your planes must operate flawlessly, your pilots and crew must be fully qualified and experienced, and you must proactively demonstrate a high concern for passenger convenience and comfort.

Technology presents your best opportunity to stay ahead of the competition. By leveraging our software engineering expertise, you can gain practically every technological advantage available to the commercial aviation industry. We are reliable and flexible, limited only by the ideas to which you choose to apply. Enhance and streamline your training programs. Eliminate wasted effort and errors from your baggage handling systems. Realize the financial advantages of Business Intelligence systems in management, maintenance, procurement, and marketing. Connect with your customers through their mobile devices and offer them exclusive and innovative services.

Reducing your budgets by leveraging our technology will make you more competitive while enhancing the performance and security of your software and hardware environment, provide wider margins of safety and comfort, and deliver the customer service that passengers so quickly and loyally reward.

Baggage Handling

2Today, more than ever before, baggage management systems need to track every checked bag for its real-time location, owner, and whether every loaded bag is matched with a boarded passenger.

Our BMSs retrieve lost baggage information, and our world-class cloud computing network provides airports and airlines with all the intelligence they need for practically error-free baggage handling. Through smartphone apps, gain passenger confidence by providing them this real-time information as well.

Cloud Computing

3In the extremely competitive and volatile world of aviation, leveraging any technological advantage can quickly increase your share of the market. This is why the economy of cloud computing makes so much sense in the industry today.

Our expertise in reservatios, business intelligence, and operations management, combined with the cloud's advantages of scalability, reliability, and security, cloud easily be the difference that ensures your airline's continued success.

Mobile Applications

4In addition to developing in-flight apps and systems for smartphones, see how we can develop mobile apps that integrate with reservation and ticketing systems. Provide your customers real-time information on seating, flight status, and weather and traffic conditions at their destination.

Leverage mobile technology also to empower airport personnel to provide better customer service and increase productivity through more efficient decision-making systems. Eliminate uncertainty in the airport, on the runway, and in the air.

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Cabin Entertainment and IFE Systems

5Well-designed and expertly developed in-flight entertainment systems can exert a surprising degree of influence regarding passenger satisfaction and loyalty. Our experience in interface design, combined with our engineering experience, can deliver innovative IFE systems that catch travelers’ attention, engage their imagination, and respond intelligently to their entertainment preferences. Our integrated cabin management systems channel not only entertainment, but cabin services and flight information as well, such as location, and destination weather, connections, and traffic information.

Our accomplished interface designers and engineers also can deliver systems for conveying passenger safety information. Using advanced 3D motion graphics, synchronized to custom audio tracks, we can simplify and enhance the process of raising passengers’ awareness of emergency equipment and procedures. We can help you realize greater value from all your passenger-facing in-flight interactions.

Cabin Visual Systems