Storm Interactive Render Farm

3D Design

3D design is the foundation on which we built our reputation, and it remains at the core of the company, where our clients realize their greatest value. We build context-rich interior, exterior, and industrial environments with photographic realism. Our static and video images provide a detailed and nuanced view of your models. Our long experience in this field allows us to complete the most demanding projects.

We custom model our environments to your specifications and budget. From small files to extensively textured 3D animations, we have the expertise and infrastructure to meet your commercial and industrial requirements. You can see the difference in our 3D designs, which appear to the eye as world actually appears, with the details of texture, lighting, and shadow rendered naturalistically.

Our 3D designers have developed techniques that result in visual displays unavailable elsewhere. Our clients benefit from these techniques also thanks to the editing possibilities they incorporate. We can change colors, textures, and many other details surprisingly quickly and inexpensively, giving you the opportunity to develop your 3D environment by an iterative process. As a consequence, your model resembles your idea almost perfectly.

Project for Assa Abloy

1The quality we deliver results from a passionate immersion in your project. No detail is too small to escape our attention.

When necessary, we develop million-polygon models to achieve such subtle textures as soft leathers and fabrics.


2Our illumination engineers take the same exacting pains as the most sophisticated fashion photographers.

We often employ high dynamic range imagery to display the richness of exterior texture and detail, and 3D photo sets that incorporate complex lighting plans to deliver the most realistic illumination achievable.


3Our massively powerful rendering infrastructure and technology reliably and securely delivers the most complex modeling projects surprisingly fast.

High-Tech manufacturers, commercial, and other industrial clients depend on the results of our state-of-the-art rendering technology. Visit our Render Farm in 3D Rendering Solution.

Post Processing

4Even the most advanced rendering process typically yields images that can be further improved by a manual finishing process.

Thanks to our multipass rendering technology, we export files directly to Adobe Photoshop, where our designers fine-tune colors and textures down to the pixel level.

Project for Vimar

3D Prototype

Twenty years ago, a wireframe image from a CAD program may have represented cutting-edge technology, but today you need imagery that actually represents real objects. Industrial designers need to show their prototypes in context, with the colors, textures, and lighting of the real world. Starting with your files, our 3D prototyping designers will develop a presentation that displays your components and hardware in all their detail.

From static images of single objects to complex exploded diagrams and fluid simulations, our engineers realize your ideas in the most detailed, nuanced 3D imagery that commercial technology provides. Our outstanding expertise in 3D prototyping allows us to partner with you at an exceptional level, and provide you with expert analysis of your modeling output. When necessary, we can modify and enhance your mesh to prepare the most realistic textures and lighting for your creations.

Our sought-after expertise in 3D prototyping offers you the opportunity of cutting-edge modeling output, incorporated if you wish into high-quality video productions. Such presentations can include a soundtrack, voice-over, animations, and other technological enhancements. Our personnel and facilities have what it takes realize your ideas.

CAD Import

1By beginning with your SolidWorks or AutoCAD files, we can drastically reduce your costs. Our engineers will analyze the files, and achieve unparalleled precision with your model.

Expert in all aspects of 3D prototyping, we achieve the exact surface qualities you designed.


2Our massive computing power allows us prepare complex illumination schemes, showing the smallest details of your models.

As with other aspects of your model’s visualization, we can adjust the illumination to minute levels without disrupting your project’s budget.


3You benefit by the speed, reliability, and security of our state-of-the-art render farm.

Whether you are a manufacturing, pharma or research company, our rendering technology and power deliver the most complex modeling projects on schedule and within your budget. Visit our Render Farm in 3D Rendering Solution.

Post Processing

4To ensure your complete satisfaction with your 3D prototype, our designers carry out meticulous post processing.

Every detail, down to the pixel level, will be the perfect image of the idea that originally inspired you.